Director Safety and Risk Management

Director of Safety & Risk Management
Houston, Texas

WPI is looking for an individual with proven, extraordinary capability to lead both the Safety and Risk Management functions of a private, family-owned, technically driven, customer-centric organization. The primary responsibility is to oversee management of the company’s most important asset: it’s people.

As head of Safety and Risk Management, the individual will be responsible for the design, implementation, communication and coordination of all environmental, health, and safety programs for the company. This position will lead the development and provide technical and administrative direction on all HSE decisions which bear critical importance to overall company objectives, operations, and profitability. In both roles, the position functions at both an operational and strategic level. Working metrics and development of the safety roadmap. Required competencies include strong business acumen, creative writing and communication skills, a persuasive personality, strategic vision, and inspiring leadership. Successful candidates must possess unshakable honesty and integrity.

Duties & Responsibilities

· The first year will be focused intensely on assessing and improving safety processes through the Corporate Safety Committee, employee development and optimization of the safety support function.

· Expanding the reach of Pearce University which serves as the foundation of employee training and development. Pearce University is a key component of the firm’s focus on safety training, leadership training, employee development, and succession planning at all levels of the company.

· Develop a cohesive safety roadmap, and practical plan to build on the cooperation and collaboration of both functions (Safety & Risk Management) with other key senior leaders of the company.

· Design and implement world class processes, policies and procedures for both functions to create the foundation for expansion to new markets and provide employees greater opportunities to thrive and succeed.

· Effectively communicate, support and defend Safety & Risk Management policies and procedures to both management and employees.

· Competent presentation of HS&E issues to customers, suppliers and other key outside partners. This role will be actively involved in both the sales and account management process and will have direct access to clients.

· Functions as the Safety & Risk Management “expert” and advisor for the various company facilities including but not limited to the company ranch operations and related business and commercial activities on the ranch.

· Continue developing a company culture which supports safety as a key success indicator within the organization.

· Report key performance indicators (KPIs) to senior management in regular monthly meetings.

· Assist in writing communicative bulletins all employees.

· Support the review of existing HSE policies and practices of the company to ensure they are current and appropriate.

· Support compliance with specific recordkeeping requirements of OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.

· Serve as the company expert within the field of HSE when called upon to address regulatory agency compliance issues to customers, government agencies, third party safety & liability consultants and subcontractor representatives.

· Diligently provide advice and guidance to management regarding HSE issues. Manage the relationship between the company and the insurance broker and our insurance carriers.

· Review insurance language in contracts and MSAs to make sure the insurance requirements are consistent with WPI’s property & casualty insurance program.

· Manage litigated claims, regardless of whether the claim is covered by any of our insurance policies. Assign litigated claims to approved outside counsel.

· Gather and provide insurance renewal information for our insurance brokers (such as payrolls by state and WC class, revenues, vehicle lists, property schedules with values, etc.

· Review and complete insurance coverage applications (this will involve interfacing with other department heads, such as HR for the EPLI application, IT for the Cyber security coverages, and SMART Construction for the unmanned aircraft liability policy and Professional Liability policy.)

· Review insurance premium invoices for accuracy and approve for payment by A/P Department.

· Supervise the Risk Management Analyst and provide leadership and support to that position’s claims management function.

· Manage requests for insurance certificates (COIs) from our customers. Resolve specific issues that may arise with the COI process.

· Interface with our broker (U.S. & Canada) during the insurance renewal process to establish collateral requirements, renewal pricing, deductibles, TPA for Big Three policies, etc.

· Complete paperwork related to collateral changes (i.e., applications for Letters of Credit).

· Be actively involved in the insurance audit process after the end of each policy year.

· Keep senior management informed on developments with claims that affect insurance reserves, settlements, or any other financial aspects of the risk management process.

· Listen to operations monthly reports to identify new or uninsured risks (such as work on or over water, work in foreign companies, work on maritime vessels, etc.).

Competencies & Areas of Expertise

· Significant experience in understanding company P&L statements, high deductible casualty insurance, and other key accounting and financial issues.

· Excellent verbal and written communication, presentation, and analytical skills.

· Experience in strategic planning and execution along with high degree of comfort managing change.

· Capable of working in different cultures with an adaptable approach to influencing both inside and outside the company.

· Develop team of safety professionals

· Ability to accurately create and maintain annual department budgets.

· Strong business background, analytical, organization and interpersonal skills. Ability to direct the resources and activities of the organization to support the HSE program.

· Understand the coverages provided by each insurance policy and interact with insurance broker for clarification as necessary.

· Understand the various legal aspects related to risk, compliance, and regulations and relay related information to the Executive Leadership Team.

Essential Qualifications

· Bachelor’s degree in an applicable field of study such as Business Management, Employee Development, etc.

· Minimum 15 years of experience as a supervisor, manager or other similar leadership position in this field.

· Proficient with Microsoft Suite of Products.

· Experience in a similar industry.